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After a dispute with my domain register and some time in limbo as to what would happen with the domain, things have cleared up. I lost the original domain name for this blog, and I've just reverted to the blog at Blogger instead of dropping the blog altogether. Will have updates going on again here soon.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Batman brave Bold candy.

I have been a collector of Japanese candy toy products for years. I have also been known to grab PEZ candy dispensers from time to time. I would need to add in here that I love the Batman Brave and the Bold t.v. show too. So when I was in a 7-Eleven and spotted Airheads sporting a Brave and the Bold theme, I had to grab them.

Batman Red Tornado brave Bold candy.

Being a complete sucker for anything featuring Red Tornado, I was happy to have a piece of taffy wrapped up in a Red Tornado wrapper. I was not o happy when I ate the taffy. Never having eaten Airheads, I had assumed it was similar to Laffy Taffy. I was very wrong. The Airheads candy wasn't that great, all in all it was worth the purchase just for the packaging. Now these were sold more than a year ago. I don't know that if you see them in stores you should buy them, but who knows what the lifespan of this stuff could potentially be. But, you may just want the packages like I did.