Sunday, July 25, 2010

Transformers: SAYBERTRON 6 doujinshi

Finding decent Transformers doujinshi fan comics isn't so hard these days. That wasn't the case 12 years ago. I had known of a few doujinshi created by Transformers fans in Japan when I first took the trip over there. I had hopes of finding some of these and maybe get an idea of what the Japanese fan had envisioned Transformers as. Sadly, I looked and looked and found almost nothing over a 2 week stay. I say "almost nothing" cause while I found nothing in a story based format, I did find a great fan created art book.

I picked up a copy of "Saybertron 6" in a doujin shop in Akihabara. I don't know if this was the 6th in a series, or a six member team creating the art. Probably for legal reasons, details are sparse in the book about the creators. The one thing I did know then, as I do now, the art is amazing. All drawings are done in inked drawing style, sans computer assisted ease, this book shows a wide variety of Transformers from G1, Europe, Japan and even the Action Masters. Here is a very small sample of the art in the book:


  1. Wow, great find! The work reminds me of Studio Ox. Please share more from this or other doujinshi!

  2. Yes, that is exactly what I thought about some of the work. I had wondered if some of the artists had in fact been associated with Studio OX, but sadly I may never know.

  3. snapdragon never looked so good, NICE book...PM jason jupiter on tfw if you ever want to sell it, lol.

    that updated 90s style hotrod closely matches the style of the updated weirdwolf and chromedome in visualworks, looks very close to studio ox stuff like y'all said.