Friday, April 16, 2010

Transformers: TF The Movie promotional items

In the mid to late 90's the popularity of Transformers was coming back into media. The release of Generation One videos was a much-anticipated event. The re-release of the Transformers Movie in Canada saw great demand for the film, and shortly later it was going to be re-released in both the United States and Japan. To go along with these releases quite a bit of promotion was done. Here are a few items that were used.

Rhino Video had a tie-in with Suncoast and Media Play video stores that gave away a free "Classic Collectible Card" with any pre-order of the film. Suncoast had issued these types of cards for other releases as well. They are in essence a seri-cel of sorts taking a single frame of a movie and printing it on a clear celluloid like plate to mimic a piece of film. The cards were simple, but cool for a freebie.

With Beast Wars airing on t.v., Japan was also looking to re-press the Transformers shows on laser disk as well as push video releases. This banner poster emphasis the Beast Wars connections as they promote the re-release of Transformers The Movie.

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