Saturday, November 27, 2010


This is some translated manga I had done for my old website back in 2002. The manga had been translated 3 years earlier and never Photoshoped into the pages. I had colored the cover page in part around 2001. I never actually finished the project. I recall posting an unfinished reduced resolution version on the site but was never really satisfied. I was about to re-post the manga in a cleaned up finished format with a previous blog in 2008 but plans fell through. So in rummaging through old files I figured I would just post it here as I have little else to post on this blog right now that isn't a complete mess of unfinished work.

Please forgive the rough translations, I didn't re-translate it, and it's the same 2nd year Japanese student translation it was back in 1999. The story features the first look at what the Daguon team's DagBase could really do. Up to this point in the animated series and manga, it was a stationary, static construction.

Manga published 1996. Created by Hajime Yatate (story/concept) and Kazunori Aihara (art).

Pages read right panels to left.

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