Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm gonna post a double shot of Japanese retro ads today to kinda make up for a lack of posting. The first ad is for the Sylvanian Families Big Light-up House set. For 25 years Epoch(Tomy) has been creating very elaborate print ads for the toy line. Even though I have been collecting for years, I have only a fraction of these ads. This house is a great addition to their line-up. Having working lights means you don't have to pay for the extra light sets, so that alone makes it a good buy. This is currently being sold in the Calico Critters line as the "Luxury Townhome" set.

The second ad is one of my favorites from the early G1 Transformers line. This highlighted the arrival of the Constructicons and Dinobots to the scene. Since Laserwave (Shockwave) had just recently been released, here is present here instead of Megatron. Convoy is still here commanding over the good guys. Now the really cool thing, and one that didn't happen often, they advertise a giftset! The VSY giftset with Grimlock vs. Soundwave gets tease. Also, part of the ad mentions a contest going on where you could win the Soundwave cassette deck. Very cool!


  1. Some very cool looking ads! Lots of people collect old toy ads and frame them and display them in their toy collection room.

  2. Yeah, I'm a toy ad fiend. Loved the commercials on your site btw.