Wednesday, March 3, 2010

G.I.Joe: B.A.T.S. 1986 (prototype)

Many times companies use prototypes for marketing and catalog shots. This figure was used in several promotional pieces in 1986. I was actually disappointed when I first saw the B.A.T.S. in stores cause they were so different than the one you see below. The disappointment quickly faded when I did finally get the toy, cause it remains one of the coolest G.I.Joe figure created to this day.

The prototype features a smaller, more rounded head. The limbs are bulkier, with less muscle definition. The hand made chest graphic is clearly just a substitute for the lenticular motion card that would be added later. I like this proto. I'm torn as to whether I would have prefered to see this model in a finished form, or just kept the figure as it was produced.

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