Saturday, March 13, 2010

Transformers: 1985 Cliffjumper Happy Meal toy

In 1996 I was wasting time in a Barnes & Noble store, checking out their Collectibles book section. I had picked up the Losonsky guide to Happy Meal toys in order to see if they had some Stompers Happy Meal toys I loved as a kid featured. Much to my surprise, they had Transformers listed! Transformers I had never seen before. At this time in my Transformers collecting I was more focused on rare Japanese novelties, Diaclone, and Microman stuff. Having a really good grasp on all things made for Transformers both in and out of the U.S., this find of Happy Meal toys was a big deal for me. I quickly gotted down all the info listed and took the list home to share it with friends online, only to get distracted and slip the pieces of paper in a folder. The knowledge of these Happy Meal Transformers was still scarse, and when telling friends it got them excited. One friend made it a mission to start tracking down the toys, something I never actually did until years later. I recall he got a massive lot from either an old McDonalds manager or distributor and managed to nearly complete a set. It was an envious accomplishment to say the least.

Here is a look at one of those Happy Meal Transformers toys released as a regional testing in St. Louis circa 1985:

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