Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rockman 8 / Mega Man 8: Candy Toys (Duo)

Capcom partnered with various companies to help celebrate Rockman's 10th Anniversary. The candy toys that were released by Bandai in 1996 were some of the coolest of the items released that year. My favorite assortment is the Power Buster Rockman set. It featured 4 characters, one per box, with a small packet of candy. The great thing about this series was that the figures were not blind-packed, you could pick who you wanted. I didn't want Rockman or Zero, and having their names printed on the box allowed me to bypass them. Part of the charm of these is that they were cheap to buy. Each candy toy is only about $1 to $4 retail. This original low price also makes the after market prices so much harder to swallow. Seeing a toy that retailed at $2 go to $200 in a few years can be a huge turn off to collecting.

Now back to the two figures I did buy, Duo and Forte. Both were really cool looking, and were new. The first I opened was Duo. He was a bit larger than Forte and most likely the other two. The figure had several points of articulation, not the norm for candy toys. His neck, waist, and both shoulders turned, and he had ball socket elbows. The figures fall under 4 inches in height, and are made of plastic. The figure also featured a pretty nice paint job. I was immediately happy to have gotten the figures I did.

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